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It’s Working: Four Days, Four Ways Our Reforms Have Improved Wisconsin: Day Two

 It’s Working:  Four Days, Four Ways Our Reforms Have Improved Wisconsin
Day two:  Improving Wisconsin’s business climate

Watertown…  With three days to go before the June 5th recall election, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) released the second part of his “Four Days, Four Ways” campaign, showcasing the positive effects of the bold reforms implemented over the past year and a half.  Every day leading up to the election, Sen. Fitzgerald is highlighting some of the positive effects that have been felt by Wisconsinites as a result of the reforms.  Today’s positive effect: improving Wisconsin’s business climate.

“In the three years prior to January of 2011, Wisconsin had lost more than 100,000 jobs and employers were fleeing our state,” said Fitzgerald.  “Our positive reforms have improved our state’s business climate, and have made government more efficient and responsive to assist the  job creators that drive Wisconsin’s economy.”

Sen. Fitzgerald led the way on efforts to improve our state’s business climate.  The creation of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation has helped government become more effective and to move at the speed of business in order to assist job creators in our state.  Targeted tax incentives and expanded loan programs have helped job creators start and grow businesses right here in Wisconsin.  Regulatory reforms have helped cut back on job-killing red tape, and lawsuit reforms have helped businesses defend themselves from frivolous litigation.

The positive effects of these reforms are already being felt.  A recent survey noted that 62% of state employers plan to hire in the next 6 months, and another shows that around 94% of our state businesses believe we are on the right track.  Nationally, Wisconsin’s business climate ranking has improved to 20th, up 21 spots from the beginning of last year.

“Our reforms have truly made Wisconsin a better place to live and work. We cannot allow the big government employee unions and special interests in Madison roll back all the progress we’ve made,” said Fitzgerald.