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It’s Working: Four Days, Four Ways Our Reforms Have Improved Wisconsin: Day Three

 It’s Working:  Four Days, Four Ways Our Reforms Have Improved Wisconsin
Day three:  Putting Wisconsin in the best fiscal shape in a decade

Watertown…  With two days to go before the June 5th recall election, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) released the third part of his “Four Days, Four Ways” campaign, showcasing the positive results of the bold reforms implemented over the past year and a half.  Sen. Fitzgerald previously discussed how the reforms had put more money in taxpayers’ pockets, and improved Wisconsin’s business climate.  Today’s positive effect: putting Wisconsin in the best fiscal shape in a decade.

“Just a year and a half ago Wisconsin faced a $3.6 billion budget deficit brought on by years of fiscal mismanagement and out of control spending,” said Fitzgerald.  “Our state finances were in terrible shape and politicians were putting our children and grandchildren on the hook for their reckless spending, saddling future generations with debt.  We made the tough decisions necessary to turn our state around, putting Wisconsin in its best fiscal shape in a decade.”

Under Sen. Fitzgerald’s leadership the $3.6 billion deficit was eliminated without tax increases, accounting gimmicks, or massive layoffs.  State borrowing decreased 50%, and the average property tax bill went down for the first time in a decade.  Personal incomes are up in Wisconsin, and tens of thousands of people are back at work.  As a result, our state is taking in more revenues than expected, and Wisconsin is now projected to have a $154.5 million surplus.